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Looking for Shanghai based cameraman for hire? Since 2011, we have been working with the film video crew talent across China, whether you are looking for Shanghai based cameraman or cinematographer based in Beijing, the previous network we built up and will make sure you have the quick access to the core of China film production talents.

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Shooting Green Screen Interviews in Client’s office, Shanghai, China

Why hire our Shanghai cameraman?

To be a a good cameraman, you need to have the right on set experience, plus the skills of setting up lights, and the knowledge of the camera, our Shanghai cameraman not only have all of that, but also the great communication skills, that allow us to set up the shoot for client much more efficient, and avoid the time wasting due to the mis-communication.

During the past few years, our cameraman & camera crew have been busy shooting everywhere in China, from Shanghai, Beijing, Shenzhen, Guangzhou, Chengdu, to Hong Kong, and the list goes on and on.

Dalian stage set up for filming, Shanghai cameraman,
Set up the stage for filming in Dalian.

Why work with us?

When our client work with us, we provide the full production support, which means we will start the project by checking all the necessary questions by the given details from the clients, our bilingual producers have been working in China film production industry since 2006, whether it’s commercial, corporate video, documentary ,brand content, event or television content, we have done all these formats of production, that allow us to think about our client request in details, thus ask the right questions, save the time for your early communication.

Running a production business in China can be tough, we learned a lot in the past few years, and we have met a lot of partners along the way, gives us the opportunity to work on different regions in China and produce different level of production here.

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Trayton Furniture Corporate Film- Shanghai Corporate Video Production Services

We direct, produce and shot this corporate video for our old client Trayton furniture, when we started the project, the client want this corporate video to be a little different, that’s how we approached them with this direction, a very gentle narrative plus some interesting colorful graphics, the final turns out nicely.

Team photo after the wrap.

We need to thank Trayton for their trust and allow us to do something different.

If you are looking for corporate video production services in Shanghai, we would love to hear from you.

Simply send us an email and let’s hear your story.

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Shanghai Cameraman Hire ? Shanghai China Based Camera Operators Option?? Based in Shanghai China, we have years of production experience and are prepared for more. SIC provides Film Crew services, we have helped countless clients over the recent years, We know that doing production in a diverse place can be tricky, honestly, that is why having the localized expertise is crucial to our customers.
China Camera Man? We consult with the great DP from Shanghai, China, sourcing the right Freelance DP for the client’s need of videographers in China. Our goal is to provide the value efficiency production services to our clients.

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Unlike the typical means of production, we present the international film production mind set to our client’s job, ensure the minor challenges all talk about to the tables, so everybody is informed, even though the surprises show up, we have a lot of space for the make up.
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Shanghai Local Cameraman Contact?How to work with Shanghai China Director of Photography?? Headquartered in Shanghai China, we have years of film production practical experience and that we are prepared for more. provides Film Crew solutions, we have assisted countless clients over the recent years, Many of us recognize that shooting in a different country can be difficult, here is why having the localized expertise is necessary to our clients.
Looking for Shanghai Camera Operators? We could a group of production talents that able to help your next film assignment. Throughout the years we have helped numerous global companies with their project, our goal is usually to give the terrific value performance to your customers.

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Undertaking production in China is often very complicated, the lack of standard and also professionals, truly makes it complicated for production, various style of videos, way of vehicles, locals practice etc could all bring slow downs towards your assignment.
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Shoot In China is a Shanghai China based movie production company that leverages our production experience into methodically executed film production. A team of passionate creatives

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How to work with Shanghai China Local Camera Crew,Where can i find Shanghai Local Videographer,How to find Shanghai Based DOP,
Freelance Camera Crew Hire in Shanghai?How to find Shanghai Local Director of Photography?? Based in Shanghai China, we have years of practical knowledge and we are prepared for more. Shoot In China provides Film Crew services, we have helped countless clients over the last few years, Many of us fully understand that doing production in a various country can be difficult, that is why having the localized information is essential to our customers.

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Undertaking production in China can be quite challenging, the absence of standard as well as professionals, really can make it difficult for shooting, different format of films, way of cars, locals habit etcetera can all get slow downs for your project.
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Shanghai China Local Cameraman Resources?Local Film Crew Booking in Shanghai?? Based in Shanghai China, we have years of practical knowledge and that we are available for more. SIC provides Film Crew services, we have assisted numerous clients over the recent years, Many of us recognize that doing production in a several country can be difficult, honestly, that is why having the local understanding is essential to our clients.

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