shanghai video production

  • How to Create a High-Quality Video Production in Shanghai on a Budget

    Creating a high-quality video production in Shanghai is a challenging task, especially on a budget. It requires an experienced team that can bring together the best equipment and talent in the most cost-effective way. That’s why working with an experienced production company is essential. Shoot in China is a leading production company with over 15…

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  • How to Choose the Right Company for Shanghai Video Production

    As the demand for business videos continues to grow in Shanghai, it’s important for companies to select the right video production company for their needs. A well-produced business video can be a powerful marketing tool, but it’s essential to select a company that has the skills and experience to deliver a high-quality video that meets…

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  • Shanghai Commercial Video Production: Westin-Let’s Rise Anthem Film

    Looking for commercial video production services in Shanghai? We have been helping our clients with their commercial video production since 2011, with the wide network of commercial directors, cinematographer, art directors and all the great production resources, we are ready for our client’s next commercial video production. #shanghai commercial production In April 2021, we worked…

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